How to create blog or website for free || step by step in English

I still remember when I first created a website or blog on blogger without paying any money. I did not know much then, but I used to keep learning something from YouTube. Then I gradually became an expert in this area and today I am telling you all about it. Friends, before telling about Blogger, I would like to tell you all about the website. From today on every two days you will get an artical on the blog, for this you should angle the bell icon.

What is a blog or website?

It is a medium through which we can reach all the people in a few moments, without any problem, our news or any news etc.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free website creater that gives all of you a free domian name and hosting. This is a product of google, in the beginning when a person has to create a blog of his own and does not have the money to get a professional dominee and hosting, Blogger is the best website for all of us, which we all without Gives everything for an investment for free.

How to make your website or blog in Blogger.

To create your own website in Blogger, you need an email address, which is very easy today. You can create a blog or website by looking at all the steps below.

Step 1: – All of you have to click on the link given below. In this, you will be asked to sign up and click on it to proceed.

Step 2: – After that you will come to write the name of your blog or website, after filling it, you have to proceed by clicking Next. As given in the photo.

Step 3: – After that you have to enter what is the url of your website. I would like to tell you one thing here, that The domino you will get is absolutely free, which is received from the blogger, you can also add costom domine on your behalf. After that you have to proceed by clicking Next.

Step 4: – After that you have to fill what name you want to put on the main theme of your blog. As given in the photo.

Now your free and without any hard work, a very good and nice blog has been prepared. As given in the photo. You can do the rest of the settings by going to the menu bar given in the photo.

Now your blog has been created, you can see it by clicking on the view blog. As given in the photo.

Note: – After creating a blog, if you need any kind of help from me, or if you want artical on a topic, then you can comment by commenting.

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